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If you hang out a lot of the web, you probably have heard about the $1 million page. Its principle is dead simple: the page features 1 million pixels and allows you to book your tiny pixel-size ad for $1. Tree-Nation technique is comparable yet with a more citizen spirit. Instead of pixels, you support trees; instead of investing into an individual future fortune, you contribute to re-green desert areas in the Sahara.

“Our objective is two-fold: Primarily environmental, but also closely linked to the humanitarian aid that it will provide in the long term. The project will benefit local populations in terms of welfare, education and farming practices,” says the project team based in Spain and in Niger.

A map is at the center of the buying and reporting process. You explore it, choose the spot you’d like to book and buy a tree. Various species are provided, like the Baobab, the Acacia, or the Ronier for a price averaging 40€. You can also buy the tree for someone else (your baby for instance). We’d like the service could let you check your tree whenever you want; we don’t see a way to do this though.

Since its launched in November 2006, some 1030 trees have been bought. If you agree a thousand trees won’t stop the desertification of the sub-Saharan area, Tree-Nation is a very pleasant way to contribute to the Earth.

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